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Precision Bench Centers, Bench Centers Inspection-Features  

Bench Centers 4 main features:

  • A special surface hardened treatment, a substantial increase in service life.
  • Innovative locking technology, dramatically improves measuring quality.
  • The innovative module design, significantly extend the service life.
  • Product more expanding ability, specifications are multi-combination.

Design features:

  • Using high quality cast iron material, the base surface with a special hardening treatment (HRC52 ± 2°), precision stable and not easily deformed, significantly improve abrasion resistance and stability.
  • Tailstock is located by special design, do not cause to axial offset when moving the location. Tailstock can be locked by special type lever handle in any position, high accuracy.
  • Tailstock、thimble and dial gauge stand modular design, parts replacement quick and easy, significantly extend the product life. Consumers have no need to re-purchase equipment due to it wear and tear.
  • Center entry/exit by press down lever type handle, measuring range: 20 ~ 25mm, easy to place the workpiece.
  • Z-axis with high precision and high rigidity standard stainless steel dial gauge holder. Locking mechanism with a special design, easy to operate and well stability. Vertical pole diameter: Ø20mm: Adjust pole diameter: Ø15mm. Gauge holder is available for dovetail type and stem Ø8mm flat type
  • X-axis is a special combination of toothless screw and slide design, to make quick move by hand level control valve. Hand wheel is micro adjustment. Expertise、convenient operation. There is no fold gap difference
  • Y-axis slide with a center location fine-tuning mechanism t, convenient correction, workpiece replacement quickly.
  • Y.Z axial Z1 is a special slide structure, to adjust up or down slightly by the knob of gear shaft, accurate and convenient
  • Y.Z axial Z2 is a special combination of toothless screw and slide design, quick move up and down by control valve of lever handle, turn the hand wheel drive can be used for slight adjustments, precise and convenient operation, without times gap difference.
  • Y.Z axial Z3 is a special combination of linear slide and micrometer design can be adjusted slightly up and down by manual, moving fast and precision, no gap difference.
  • X.Z axial equipped with linear scale and digital gauge. It can be as multi-stage measurement and segment deviation detection. Linking with computer for record & printing.
  • Double roller of tailstock adapt heavy loaded bearing design. It also can avoid abrasion between parts and roller.


  • Thimble type mainly used for the cylindrical shaft or disc-type workpieces deflection、roundness、concentricity、axial parallelism…etc. the inspection of accuracy.
  • Roller type mainly used for same size cylindrical shaft of both ends; such as shaft or tube… etc. And check the workpiece deflection, roundness, concentricity, bending curvature, axial parallelism…etc. precision error of inspected measurement.
  • Applies to the processing site, tool rooms, laboratories, machine tools shop.